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Herma 15181 5x Flash Tattoo Wildlife
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Herma 15181 5x Flash Tattoo WildlifeAufregende und coole Tattoos, die täuschend echt aussehen - in Gold und Silber. In wenigen Minuten ganz einfach und unkompliziert auf die Haut auftragen, fertig. Passen zu jedem Anlass, egal ob auf Partys, im Club,

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Stand: Oct 16, 2018
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5 x HERMA Schmucketiketten Flash Tattoo Glamour...
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Flash Tattoo Größe Trägerblatt: (BxH) 136x236mm Farbe: metallic Werkstoff: Folie mit Hautöl ablösbar Anzahl der Blätter: 1 Blatt

Stand: Nov 5, 2018
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Tiger Wars: The Falcon Chronicles, Book I , Hör...
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Action, adventure, predators and peril - the first novel written and read by Bafta Award-winning Deadly Tv presenter and wildlife expert Steve Backshall about saving tigers. Saker is a member of the Clan. They´re like brothers, but once you´re a member you can never leave - ever. Each member has their own animal identity and tattoo, and each is an expert in jungle law, survival and the ways of animals in order to make them better spies, thieves or assassins. Saker´s latest assignment takes him to India to bring down the men who protect tigers. He´s being employed by a Chinese overlord who specialises in poaching for tiger farms and tiger organs for high-priced medicines. But something happens to make Saker change sides and now he´s on the run from his predatory brothers. They´re hunting him down and they´re professionals. He meets 15-year-old Sinter, a spoiled rich girl, who is running away from an arranged marriage, and their uneasy friendship will eventually form an unshakeable bond, as together they face adventure and danger as two young eco-warriors in a truly threatening world. Tiger Wars is the first in Deadly presenter Steve Backshall´s high-octane adventure series, The Falcon Chronicles, which introduces Saker and Sinter on a quest to right some of the horrific wrongs perpetrated against wildlife around the planet. As they rescue tigers or mountain gorillas, thwart shark finners and cyanide fishers, rainforest exploiters and canned hunters, they come face to face with the world´s most fascinating, majestic and lethal creatures. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Steve Backshall. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Dec 17, 2018
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